Nature itself is the self-gift to the man-kind. What not it gifted to the living and non-living beings? So, what in return we gift to the nature? Technology has taken its giant incarnation in all the sectors. One of the best ways to gift the nature in return is Seed-ball.

 Once a couple got lost in woods. Everywhere trees; Huge trees, dense trees, trees with wide trunk where its ceiling even couldn’t be seen. Sun rays found helpless to peep into the forest. The couple wondered! The man got pissed off the forest and he started cursing the trees, wild plants and bushes “Hell here! We got lost in woods. How we will return to our home?”  Woman, by passing her silent energy, “honey, close your eyes and take a deep breathe. …… now look into our mother nature. Praise her. See what she gifted to us. The home! You mentioned our home which is decorated with wooden furniture, the door that protect us everything is gifted by nature in the form of trees”

“It’s time for thanksgiving dear! Isn’t it? So, we shall create a seed-ball” “A seed-ball? – the man asked with mixed feeling. Yes honey. A seed – ball. We produce seed-balls and distribute to the society. The people, our neighbors, our friends, insist our friends to give seed balls as return gifts like birthday return gifts, wedding return gifts.” She concluded calmly. The man, “yes sweetheart! I can gift seed-ball as corporate return gift to my employees, my clients, many more” and build my corporate social responsibility.”

The couple decided and in the couple of hours, the rescue team reached them and they back safe to their home. Buy our see-balls, and while walking, jogging, travelling just throw them in the suitable empty lands, alongside the river banks and thank our nature.