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What is a seed ball? Seed balls are also called as Earth balls, Seed Bombs, aerial reforestation, and Vithai panthu. Seed balls are seeds, which covered with soil, the mixture of clay, Dung manure, and vermicomposting and then dried. It is a famous method for reforestation. By sown the seed bombs, we can saw lots of changes in 3 to 5 years.

Seed bombs are the easiest and best way to cultivate the plant and trees. It is the only way to protect seeds. The seeds are placed at the center of the ball and three types of compost materials will protect the seeds. Seed balls will start to grow when it gets the water / rain, sunlight, and its favorable climate.

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What Are The Benefits Of Seed Bombs?

Seed Balls Are First And Foremost Way To Protect Seeds.

How To Make Seed Balls?

Things needed to make seed balls is soil or compost, clay, and seeds. Seeds must be native to the region you will be working in.

Which Is The Best Place For Seed Bombing?

The suitable place for Seed Bombing is River shore, Ponds borders, Rivulet border, Holy places, Roadsides, Nearby forest.

Where To Buy Seed Bombs?

You can buy seed bombs here.There are many types of seeds are warped in our seed balls. We use tree seeds, vegetable seeds, spinach seeds and more.

Does This Available In Customized Gift Box?

Yes, seed balls available in customized gift box. We print Logo or Brand name or Couples name in customized gift box at free of cost. Most of the youngsters are giving this as wedding return gift to their relation, friends and clients.

Customized Return Gift Boxes

For All Occasions
  • Wedding
  • Birthday
  • Invitation
  • Completementary
  • Others
  • House Warming
  • New Shop Opening
  • Retirement
  • 60th Birthday
Seed Balls
Seed Balls
Seed Balls
Seed Bombs
Seed Bombs
Seed Balls customized gift box printed with the bride and groom picture.

Types of Seed Bombs

Choose your pack


  • பூவரசு
  • புங்கன்
  • வாகை
  • சந்தனம்
  • மகாகனி
  • ஆல்
  • ஆரசு
  • புளியன்
  • குமிழ்
  • சரக்கொன்றை


  • தக்காளி
  • கத்திரி
  • மிளகாய்
  • அவரை
  • வெண்டை
  • கொத்தவரை
  • புடலை
  • பாகற்காய்


  • நெல்லி
  • கொய்யா
  • பப்பாளி
  • எலுமிச்சை
  • கருவேப்பிலை


Customized Gift Box With 6 Seed Bombs

Order Qty. Tree Seeds Vegitable Seeds Fruits Seeds
500 Rs. 15 Rs. 17 Rs. 17
1000 Rs. 14 Rs. 16 Rs. 16
3000 + Rs. 12 Rs. 14 Rs. 14
100 – 300 Rs. 22 Rs. 23 Rs. 23
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