Anniversaries are the best days to remember and cherish the days spent together. It’s been a year you were married and definitely it is a day to recall all those special moments of your big day with your spouse. Also, first is always extra special when compared to the other numbers. So, making your first anniversary a memorable one is a predominant goal.

Regardless of all the paper gifts, customized frames, wall arts, clocks, and other modern-day gifts, think out of the box so that you can make your first anniversary a special one.

Seed Bombs

Have you ever dreamt of gifting seed bombs to your spouse as an Wedding gifts? Trust us it will surely create greater impact on our environment and also it will reveal your love towards nature. Especially, if your partner is a social person who cares about the nature she/he will surely love this gift. 

More than a gift, supporting a green moment and helping the future generation to see the world as you see now is a greater responsibility. The modern world has made our minds to worry less on our day to day environmental issues but if we continue to neglect the warning of our nature then we will be the victims to suffer its consequences.

There is nothing wrong in creating a new trend to support our environment and also it is an actual fun when your spouse joins you in doing such good works. Seed balls can be prepared with very few easy steps. Only thing is to choose the right proportion of soil, clay, water, and seeds. You can also buy the ready-made seed balls which are available in online stores.

You can fix a place and take your spouse out to sow the seed balls on your anniversary day. So that you can create a new feel to see the saplings growing together with you. There is no need to worry about monitoring the seed balls because it will grow with its own nutrients and sunlight. So, create a change rather waiting for it and present an amazing seed balls as your first anniversary gift. Have a happy first anniversary!