Baby shower return gift:

It’s true and proven that a baby in the womb hear her mommy’s voice, feel her cuddling, her love and she feel happy and turn around inside her tommy when she shaking colorful bangles. Do you believe trees too have the same feelings? Yes! They too feel the love, hear and also sense like babies. Seed in the mud and baby in the womb both are deserved to be admired.  What better gift could there be than a seed-ball? So many blessings in the form of flowers, atchathai, etc are showered to the mommy and the baby and there goes ecstatic celebration on the baby shower function. 

On this auspicious day, the best way to show your happiness to your guests is giving them return gift called Seed-ball. We supply you the best seed-balls which you can thank us later. Why waiting? Go for it! Your baby in your sweet home, the baby shower return gift called seed-ball in all of your guests’ home grow simultaneously contributing to the society. 

Welcome the little pink or little blue. Best wishes from us!!!!