The plantation is one of the best human acts that the earth demands from us. We humans fail to take care of this beautiful planet and its resources instead we are destroying them. Deforestation is cutting of trees, which will create an end to peaceful living on earth. We may think deforestation really matters to that extent? But the truth is deforestation is slowly killing our earth and its major resources. 

We don't really have any options to opt for in saving our earth at this end time. We only have a duty to improve and promote and cultivate plantations across the globe. Seed balls are a very effective creation or invention of planting trees. Seed balls are a very effective creation or invention of planting trees. It is not a new method but it has been re-invented from our ancient farmers.

The change of caring for our earth can only be possibly made with each individual's attention and care. We are the living creatures of this world so we have the paramount responsibility to safeguard our earth from being destroyed. Start motivating yourself and your family members to encourage and promote planting trees. You can also make use of seed balls which will save you time and make you feel proud to be a part of the living saving act of our planet. To Control the deforestation we introducing the Clay bombs. It will control the deforestation.

Worse Effects of Deforestation

  1. Impure air
  2. Poor rainfall
  3. Endanger for wildlife
  4. Soil erosion
  5. Various natural calamities

Best Effects of Plantation

  1. We can breathe good and pure air. 
  2. Can have good water to drink. 
  3. Less proportion to natural calamities. 
  4. Can have good soil quality. 
  5. We can also help in protecting our wildlife.

Be sure to improve your effort in saving our planet from getting destroyed by our own actions. Let us be united and take effortful actions to plant more trees and see a wide good change in our environment.