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Wedding Return Gift

The best wedding return gift is seed balls. This return gift comes with the customized gift box. Most of the peoples wasting their money on useless things on their marriage day. Instead of wasting your money you can give this return gift to your relatives, friends, and guest. Surely this won’t be a useless thing; within a few years, your return gift will be more than 500 trees. The benefit of this wedding return gift is low maintenance. Buy this Eco-friendly customized gift at an affordable cost. It comes with your name, company name, logo, and Slogan. Contact us @ +91-96295 03300, [email protected]

Complimentary Gifts

What is a Complimentary gift? Complimentary gift is mostly given to spread love. Your complimentary gift must express your love. The best Complimentary gift is seed balls and also affordable. It is an Eco-friendly and handmade a gift. It is the best return gift for any functions. It gives good experience and fun doing.

Why It Is Better Than Seeds?

It has its own Ecosystem and also has more nutrition than normal seeds. The growing percentage is high. Seeds need to plant, but seed bombs are not necessary to plant

Return Gift

You can give this a return gift or complimentary gift to your family, friends, colleagues, and business clients. It comes with the customized gift box

Customized Gift

Customized gift or Personalized gift item includes the content of your personalized message or image or printed gift. A customized gift is a thoughtful gesture because it requires additional efforts to have a personal touch.

Gifts do great work to show your love to your friends and family. It takes the inner feelings of your heart and reveals them in the most beautiful way to touch their soul. Nowadays peoples prefer customized gifts for celebration and make their loved ones happy.

Customized gifts are products that carry a person’s name and image. Each customized gift has a story, which reminds us of a particular occasion and memorable and happy moments. Order Customized gifts online if you wish to provide something unique to your friends and family on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Wedding day and Friendship Day.

Where I Can Buy this Wedding Return Gift?

Here you can buy this return at lowest price and we also print what you want in your customized box. If you want your company logo will print it for you. We provide the high quality seed bombs.

How To Make Seed Balls?

You must need the following materials to create seed bombs, Compost or soil, clay and seeds. Select the seeds which will grow for your native region. Ratio is five parts of soil / compost, three parts of clay and one part of the seeds (5:3:1). Ball should be in size of quarter because this size will easy to throw.

If you don’t want to make seed bombs just get your seed bombs here. Planting is really hard work so if you want to make your environment green, just throw these seed bombs on road side. 

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