Saplings – Best Wedding Return Gift Or Complimentary Gift In Customized Gifts Box


The Seed Bombs - Best Wedding Return Gift / Complimentary Gift Available In Customized Gifts Box

The Best Wedding return gift and Complimentary gift is Seed bombs. Get your Customized gifts at our You can give seed balls as Complimentary gift to your friends, cousins, or your client’s on your special day. This is one of the best Eco-friendly and Precious gift. It’s not a difficult to use. Simply throw it on land or Road side. When it rains, it will grow naturally. No need to maintain it. Your task is very simple, just throw it. You can also give this as wedding return gift. We provide with the customized gifts box.
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Why This Is An World’s Best Wedding Return Gift?

Seed Balls are filled with seeds, which were covered with the soil and compost materials. Every seed bombs have a seed. The main benefit of the seed bombs is, not necessary to plant; throwing is enough. Yes you read it rightly. These seed bombs will grow naturally. Gift this as a Wedding Return Gift to your friends and relation on your very special day. So This is an one of the worlds best wedding return gift.

Why It Is Better Than Seeds?

It have their own Eco system and also have more nutrition than the normal seeds. Growing percentage is high. Seeds are need to plant, But seed bombs are not necessary to plant. Instead of planting just throw it.

What Is An Customized Gifts?

Customized gifts means we print bride and groom name in customized gifts box or else if you need your company name in customized gift box will print it for you. In that box you have an seedballs as per your price. Do you know how to create the seed balls? Creating a seed bombs is easy process. All you need is soil or compost, clay, and seeds that are native to the region you will be working in. (Non-native species could throw off the local balance and lead to the introduction of invasive. If you don’t have a time to create seed balls, Buy here.

Why It Is Important For Current Environment?

In recent years, Most of countries met water shortage issues, Because of the destroying the forest, trees, and destroying the lands (hydrocarbon/Methane). These are the major issues, without forest, Birds and Animals; Humans cannot live in this earth. Most of the forests are destroyed.

If this continues, this earth will not be worth for living. Here we found one solution for deforestation; we need to plant more trees in earth. For planting is not easy before, now we make it easy and have fun doing.

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Did Seedballs Really Helped For Environment?

Yes, seedballs really helping for environment. Most of the seedballs will grow as tree or plants. When the grown this controls the soil erosion, combat climate change, it produces the clean air, it provides the oxygen, makes the streets or city as cool (reduces the temperature), It saves water, It prevents the water pollution, controls the sound and so on…. Give the is as Wedding Return Gift to every one on your day. Lets make the green world.

Where I Can Buy Seed Bombs?

Here you can buy this at lowest price and we also print what you want in your customized box. If you want your company logo will print it for you. We provide the high quality seed bombs.

Seed Bombs Are Really Easy To Make:

You must need the following materials to make the seed bombs, Compost or soil, clay and seeds. Select the seeds which will grow for native region. Ratio is five parts of soil / compost, three parts of clay and one part of the seeds (5:3:1). Ball should be in size of quarter because this size will easy to throw. If you don’t want to make seed bombs just get your seed bombs here. Planting is really hard work so if you want to make your environment green, just throw these seed bombs on road side. Our Seed Bombs price is really affordable. We print your Company logo or bride and groom name in our customized gift box

Return Gift Ideas:

You can give this as wedding return gift to your family, friends, colleagues, and clients. This comes with the customized gift box


You may think saplings is a best idea for wedding return gift but not. Saplings are mostly comes with the sapling pots. It won’t help for environment. Instead of saplings you may try the seed bombs it is the best complimentary gift and we provide this gift in customized gifts box.  Saplings reduce the noise pollution but it needs to plant and seed bombs can also control the noise pollution but it is an easy process. Saplings and Seed bombs reduce the temperature. Saplings Cost is higher and Seed bombs price is just 14rs per box. Saplings need to maintain but no need to maintain the seed bombs.

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