Unique Baby Shower Ideas

Unique Baby Shower Ideas

A baby shower is a traditional function which encourages the mother to face the delivery period with a happy mind. It is a perfect time where you can make her happy by presenting some unique baby shower gifts. 

Seed Bombs

The seed bombs is the trending gift which you can present as a baby shower gift. It will encourage the social awareness to plant trees and it is nothing bad to convey a good social message among your family gathering or any other friend’s baby shower function. You can just initiate a motto “Plant a tree for your baby”.

New Born Carrier 

It is the best option you can present a mother, as it makes their effort simple and makes their hands free. Also, the baby carriers are very useful in many occurrences like while you go for shopping, hospital or any functions. The baby will be kept safe and comfortable in a baby carrier. 

Baby Grooming Set

Though it is a common and traditional gift, it means a lot to every parent. Usually, we have to keep the baby clean and safe every time. So we all will need to buy certain products regularly like wipes, clothes, towels, powder, soap and other baby products. Design a basket or buy a basket and put as much as baby products listed above to fill the basket. This grooming basket gift will surely make your name memorable in the baby shower function. 

Spa Coupon

After the delivery time, the mother will have some free time to relax and take care of herself. Gifting a spa coupon would be the best option where you can express your care towards know new mother’s health. Be sure to go with a natural spa where there are no chemical treatments involved. 

Soft Toys

Soft toys are always a better gift for a baby. Babies are bound to play with toys for a certain age. Till then we have to offer them many new toys to double up their enthusiasm to play with them. Choose some soft toys so that they cannot harm the baby in any way. Also, select different varieties of toys so the baby will rejoice with the collections. 

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