Guerilla Gardening Vs Seed Bombs

Guerilla Gardening Vs Seed Bombs

We are might see some vacant lands all around our living area and most of those lands will have no owners. Have you can come across the idea of planting small plants in those areas, which can gradually help our environment with immense benefits. Every time we suffer a lot with improper rainfall which must be happening at the right point of time or seasons.

One of the main reason for this improper rainfall is our negligence is planting trees.It is not too late to start the helping process by planting the crops or plants now. Guerilla gardening refers to the method of planting crops in abandoned or vacant lands. Make sure that there is no problem arises when you begin such social activity in such lands because it is purely an environment-friendly activity.


Now if you find some vacant land and it is suitable for your guerilla gardening then follow these easy steps of making seed balls. Seed balls are the most useful and effective way of planting crops. Mainly in the case of Guerilla gardening, seed balls will help you in a greater manner.



Only thing is creating the seed balls and dumping or throwing it in the vacant land, the rest of the process will be taken care of by the seed balls and its compost.You can also form a group of people or kids or youngsters in your areas to participate in this environmental friendly activity. Everyone and anyone can make use of the seed balls to plant crops. By initiating these kinds of small activity can greatly help future environmental wellness.

To create seed balls, we just need a handful of the seed of any desired fruits or plant. Make a ball of clay, compost, soil, and manure. The seed should be in the safest center position of the prepared ball. The ratio will be 5 parts of clay to the 1 part of seed and 1 part of soil compost. Leave the ball to dry for 2-4 hours in sunlight. Once the process is done, you will have effective seed balls through which the vacant and abandoned lands near your area can be turned into useful cropland.

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