Saplings – Do You Think Gifting Saplings Is Best Idea?

Plant Saplings

You may think saplings is a best idea for wedding return gift but not. It mostly comes with the sapling pots. 50% of the saplings won’t help for environment because lack of nutrition’s. Instead of saplings, you may try the seed bombs because it’s the best way to grow trees and we provide this in customized gifts box. It can reduce the noise pollution but maintenance is high and seed bombs can also control the noise pollution but it is an easy process and low maintenance. It’s Cost is higher than the Seed bombs (price is just 14rs per box.) It need to maintain but no need to maintain the seed balls.


Saplings Garden

Gardening is part of growing plants. It gives the more relaxations. Most of peoples use saplings for gardening because it is already grown plant. You can easily find out what kind of plant is that?

Some will grow quickly, some will grow but took time to give the fruits or flowers and some won’t grow because of root weakness. Gardening controls the soil erosion. Most of the peoples create a garden to make their food items by own.

If you have a less space, vegetable gardening is the best idea. It gives the fresh and more organic vegetables. This kind of Gardening/farming will give food items for a family (4 to 5 members).

Seed balls Versus Saplings Saplings Seed balls
1 Not easy to plant No need to plant; throwing is enough
2 Plant may dead Guaranteed growth, because it was covered with the nutrition
3 Easy to migration Easy to migration
4 Soil erosion control Soil erosion control
5 Purification of water and air Purification of water and air
6 Its maintenance is high Low maintenance for seed balls
7 Roots must very strong No need, It was already covered with the nutrition
8 15 cm pit digging is needed No need pit digging.