Saplings Vs Seed Balls

We all have some doubts regarding the benefits of seed balls and planting crops through sapling method. This article will give you the exact difference between the seed balls and sapling.

Most Common Method for Planting Corps:

First, we will start with the sapling method, saplings are the most common method that has been used for planting crops. Every one of us will have this experience of planting crops with a small sapling of the respective plant type. So, we are aware that the planting a sapling needs additional care towards it until we find a small-sized plant grown out of it. Every day the sapling needs to be watered regularly.

Sapling Maintenance:

Another major concern about sapling maintenance is that it requires proper fencing. Monitoring the sapling will be an important task in developing the sapling. Weather conditions also play a major role in developing a plant from a sapling. If in case there is heavy rainfall then the sapling will be affected and we cannot expect a plant out of it.

The effective way for plantation:

Saplings Corps

Seed balls are the most effective way for plantation. Unless sapling, seed balls are easily maintained. Seed balls are becoming the blooming factor in the plantation sector. The preparation of seed balls will prove its rich nutrients and proper protection provided to the seed in it. The main reason for the successful seed balls plantation is the less monitoring or human effort required in it.

Maintenance of Seedballs

The only thing we have to ensure is the preparation of seed ball, rest will be taken care of by itself. You may wonder how, but the compost, clay, and soil mixed with the seeds will yield you a desirable benefit. Once the seed ball is prepared it should be kept under the sunlight from 2-4 hours, this process makes a better protective layer for the seeds, so we need not have to worry about the external hindrances which can harm the seed inside the ball.

Seed balls are a good source to improve the plantation in any areas where we can plant the crops. Anyone can make a seed ball and plant it. There is no restriction or difficulty process involved in making a seed ball, hence it is being the most effective way for planting crops.

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