Seedballs event

Planning A Seed Ball Event

Planning A Seed Ball Event

An event is something filled with fun, colors, crowd, and theme of a certain purpose. There are so many types of even happening around us, each one is different like making promotions, introducing new things or maybe a fun activity. Think about organizing an event for seed balls! Yes, make a good change and introducing them in a small or huge crowd is a big social awareness.

Who Can Be The Crowd?

crowd for seed ballsAnyone can be part of this good event. For example, a kids party troop, school students, senior citizens, lab students, professionals who are engaged in social programs and many. Any people who have some love and concern toward the environment wellness can become a part of this seed ball event.

Why Should We Do This?

We all will have the urge to help our environment, but we often have numerous reasons to step back. Some may be reasonable and some may not. But most common hindrance is lack of idea. Seed balls are the best idea which can be used to improve the green cover of our earth. Promoting this positive and easy way of sowing seeds can be a successful procedure in building a good plantation.

How Can Be Done?

Simple, the motivation to do these kinds of social activity is the first source of the ingredient. Preparation of seed balls will include clay, soil, seeds, water, cups, and buckets. Mixing all the above-mentioned substance in the right proportion will yield you some good seed balls. The preparation of seed balls can be tuned according to the crowd you are choosing to be the part of the seed balls event.

If the crowd is kids and senior citizens, just pre-prepare the seed balls and just make them to throwing as sowing in the chosen lands. It will be easier and fun-filled activity for them. Likewise, if the crowd is school students or professionals, make them learn to prepare a seed ball so that they can help make their seed ball event.

By such initiative movements, together we can make this world better to live!


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