Importance Of Water

Importance Of Water

Importance Of Water

The importance of water can be testified with a simple question to our self, Can anyone stop drinking water? Not a single living creature can exist without water. Water is fuel for all living creatures including humans, animals, and plants. Every day the consumption of water proves its importance is our life.

Naturally, water contains any important minerals and nutrients in it. They help our body in varied ways like maintaining the temperature, improving the digestion and metabolism, creating saliva, helps in blood circulation and excluding the waste from our body. Every single sip of good and hygienic water can yield us good nutrition.

Uses Of Water

Not only with our human body, but water is also more essential to all our household works starting from cleaning, bathing and maintain plants, etc. each crop will have their method that has to be followed in the watering process. Seed balls or seed bombs are the beneficial processes which won’t need more water attention, they can develop on their own. Rather than that, all other plants and crops will require a good amount of watering.

Water consumption is unavoidable but wasting of water can be avoided. Many of our houses will have leaky taps, these leaky taps are the major contributors to wasting water. Though it seems to be a simple and normal issue, if we take care of the leaky taps we can save enough amount of water that is been wasted in every house of every city or village in every country.


In the future, the water crisis will be the most important issue for mankind. The increasing population needs utmost care in developing all our resources so that we all can have a healthy and peaceful of life. The resources are nothing but our environment, trees, air, soil and water bodies. These resources are provided to our living creatures at free of cost, but we people fail to realize its importance.

To save our planet as a gift to next-generation we should start thinking about saving the natural resources. To have a brief look about planting trees through a simple method, search for the preparation and sowing methods of seeds balls/seed bombs.

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