Importance of trees

Importance Of Trees

Importance Of Trees

Trees are a more essential part of mankind. There is no survival would be possible without trees. The air we breathe does not contain oxygen alone in it, they will have many other impurities which we have learned in our school days. So, who does the purification process, yes it is the trees. Without trees we cannot imagine a good air, hence they are the best gift for all living things.

How do trees help for Humans?

One is air purification and another major supportive factor of mankind is food. Again the trees are the best producer or vital source of food. Can you imagine a world without food and air, then simply there should be no trees in it. The sad thing is we all know the importance of trees in our lives but still we are the main reason for deforestation.



The entire bio-diversity is a cycle, in which each process is dependent on others. If we humans interfere and destroy one of its element and then we will be in the situation to face its consequences. Deforestation is a big concern in this modern world. We are good at developing the building but we fail to plan the afforestation. Cutting down of trees is not acceptable but as an exception, we should at least plant the trees of its count.

Global warming:

Without trees or lesser tress for our increased population count, there will be a lack of good air, food, and rain. Deforestation also leads to other major impact called global warming. The severity of global warming may even destroy our world. Getting to know the truth of the world with the result of deforestation, we will not even think about losing a single tree.

Plant Trees:

Though it is not too late to start thinking about saving trees, we should act promptly with the utmost care. Planting trees have become easier with seed balls. Seed balls or seed bombs are an effective source of afforestation. The making of seeds balls is very fun and effective which can help our mankind to improve the green covers to our planet.
Stop cutting trees and start thinking about sowing seed balls, which is the one way to save all living creatures in this world.

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