How to Make Your Own Terrace Vegetable Garden

How to Make Your Own Terrace Vegetable Garden

Due to the modern globalization, we people are forced to take apartments and small-spaced homes to run our daily livelihood. But when we start to think about buying fresh and organic vegetables, it is much costlier and in high demand. 

Earlier days we will have a small kitchen garden in our homes and our mom will take the day to day cooking vegetable and herbs from there. Now, it is not widely possible to have a separate kitchen garden in modern cities. So, planning to make your own terrace garden will be the right option to go for. Here are a few steps to be followed: 

Check And Examine The Terrace: 

It is more important to check the terrace sustainability before planning a terrace garden. Usually, plants and pots will be bit heavier so check that your terrace is in good condition to withstand the plants. Make sure there is a proper pipeline connection to water the plants regularly.

Selection of Plants

Select the minimal variety of plants to start the terrace garden, later is can be added according to the conditions. Choosing the essential varieties like Aloe vera, curry leaves, tomato, mustard, mint and some other plants could be very useful in day to day cooking routines. Start using seed balls instead of saplings as it will be more effective and lesser maintenance is required. Preparation of seed balls can be viewed in a separate article of our web page.

Plan the Positions

It is mandatory to do sketching of positions in which the plants to be placed. Because, some of the plants will need additional sunlight and some may require in minimal amount. Also, there are other conditions needs to be noted while planning the position as every plant you keep should grow in a suitable environment.

Start planning your own terrace garden with these above tips. Be sure to keep an eye on the seed balls or saplings until they are grow up to certain limit. Regular watering and watching are important in maintaining a fruitful terrace garden!

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