Color Seed Balls

How To Make Your Colored Seed Balls?

Colors are best in attracting people. We always love to make things colorful, why to leave seed balls in that category. Making your seed balls is so simple with this article. Mainly, if you have a kid or children in your home, you can try these interesting ways of creating seed balls and educate them about the importance of plantation.


  1. Seeds
  2. Soy milk or milk
  3. Corn starch or clay
  4. Assorted Food colors (choose colors as you needed)
  5. Small bowls
  6. Apron
  7. Forks
  8. Wax paper
  9. Small-sized painting brush

Method To Prepare Your Seed Balls

Step 1:

Clay Used For Seed ballsFirst, mix the clay and soil with seed in it.

If you have corn starch, you can also use them in the place of clay.

Step 2:

Soy milk used For Seed ballsThe mixture proportion should be 1part of soy milk and 2 parts of corn starch.

We recommend wearing an apron while doing these seed balls.

Also, mix the mixture with your hands.

Step 3:

Food Colors used For Seed ballsOnce the mixture is prepared, place them in the small cups.

Add the assorted food colors to each cup. Using light colors will yield you better results.

Step 4:

Wax paper used For Seed ballsFinally, cover this mixture with the wax paper.

Let them dry for 4-8 hours.

You can also use the paintbrush to make some designs of your own or strips in the seed balls, it will enhance your seed ball’s look.


Created colorful seed balls can be gifted to any kids. They will love to see the small colorful balls. Also, these kinds of activity can be made a project to school-going children, as they will rock their day.

Teaching kids about the environment, plantation or sapling would be a difficult task but with these type of colorful activity, we can easily make them do and learn the useful environment supporting things. So, have a happy activity day with your colorful seed balls.

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