Advanced Seed Balls Making

Advanced Seed Balls Making

Advanced Seed Balls Making

Seed balls are the most effective method in building up the green cover of earth. In this busy world, we all need some effective activities which have to be done in a quick and easy manner, it also includes social activities. Usage of seed bombs is becoming the trending factor which has lots of social concern within it. Here are the brief steps involved in the making of seed balls.

Anyone can make seed balls by reviewing these simple steps. Also, it is most important to educate all types of age group about the social issues we are facing now. Only by our quick and corrective actions, we can save our earth and make it a better place to live.

Essential to prepare seed balls:

  1. 5 parts of clay
  2. 2 parts of soil
  3. Bucket or a bowl mix the ingredients
  4. 1-2 parts of water
  5. 1-2 parts of native seeds
  6. Spacious bowl to store the seed balls and keep them under sunlight

Steps to be followed:

  1. Make yourself comfortable wearing old clothes as the process you are going to involve will make your place messy.
  2. Be alert that your hands will get dirty if you are allergic to soil and stuff be prepared wearing hand gloves.
  3. Take the tub and add the 5 parts of clay, 2 parts of soil and water. Starting mixing the ingredients as there should be no lumps in it. The final texture should be fit enough of making balls of it.
  4. If the mixture is ready in the dough texture, then add the seeds to it. Make the ball into a fine small size until the seeds get fixed well inside the ball mixture.
  5. Add the required water to the ball until they are in a good circular shape and roll the ball with a clay coating. Make sure that the ball should not be breakable.
  6. Add the prepared balls into bowls and leave it to dry for 24-48 hours. The seed balls should be kept partially in shade and sunlight.
  7. Once the seed balls are dried, you can start sowing them in the chosen land. Seed balls will get all the essential nutrients to grow by itself, you can just relax and watch the new saplings growing up.

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