About Us

Who We Are?

We want to fill the world with clean air and water. Now we live in a time of intense global unrest and change. So people need to have regular interaction with nature.

So, by 2017 we began our first seed balls selling at fairs and functions.

Why Seed balls?

According to the UNHRC, there are 3 Lakhs 4 thousand crores of the tree in the plant, but 46% of the trees have been cut from human civilization. Even now 1530 crores trees are missing from this earth every year, at the same time 500 crores new trees are grown by human and natural every year, regardless of how a year’s loss is estimated at 1030 crores trees

In terms of the population, there are 405 trees in this earth for every human being, compared to this calculation India’s status very bad and here only 20 trees per person. This account will show how much trees we should grow each year, let’s create the Green world

Why seed balls are better than seed?

Our seed balls have been created by Conservation Scientists to make growing wildflowers from seed simpler.
No Needs Expertise
Just pop on top of soil, water and watch grow! Each seed ball has a mixture of species suited to different conditions
Protecting seed from birds, ants and slugs and giving them the nutrition they need to grow
Less Water
If your seed balls are inside or under cover then you will need to water them every 1-2 days, Just let nature take over!

Happy Customer

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